The Club

A true calve factory. A real life experience.

A Club is a space destined for a group of people to achieve their personal and general objectives: the Club’s objectives and the ones from each one of its members. The Livestock Investor Club was created as a system that enables a union between the cattle producers and people who wish to participate, in some way, in the cattle production business. This way, not only does it strengthen this sector but it contributes to the development of the innermost villages in the country, through a long run plan to repopulate the cattle fields. It “humanizes” the investments.

The animal fattening is by pasture only, since it is the most efficient and sustainable way of producing 5 star quality meat, demanded by consumers throughout the world. The Club’s mission is to provide an Argentina-grown luxury meat to the global market.

The Livestock Investor Club allows their associates to take part in the cattle production process like never before.

Benefits and advantages offered by the Club:

punto_titulo2 Profitability, in dollars, over other types of investment of similar risk and term, since the meat is an exportable product.

punto_titulo2 Safe, profitable and sustainable investment, with the lowest risk among all other types of pastoral farming.

punto_titulo2 The support of a team comprised of first class professionals with vast experience and knowledge in purchase, fattening and cattle meat sale.

punto_titulo2 Cattle guarantee: by growing and fattening, the livestock’s market value shoots up, resulting in quite the profit for the investor.

punto_titulo2 To become a true livestock entrepreneur, without the need to hold knowledge of the business or owning fields.

punto_titulo2 Long-term investment: could be considered as a guaranteed pension.

punto_titulo2 Possibility of visiting the fields and living a complete experience with a peaceful stay in the production areas.