The associates of the Livestock Investor Club share our passion for the fields of Argentina and its surroundings.

Some of our partners are knowledgeable about the cattle market and others know nothing of it. Both are welcome because the Club wishes to incorporate all people that have wanted to invest in livestock but never knew how. It allows them to easily purchase cattle for a profitable venture.

Their deposits are invaluable for cattle producers to access the monetary resources they need to produce grass-fed meat.

The Livestock Investor Club is the ideal space for your associates to diversify their investments, becoming active members of the Argentinian cattle production.

They are slightly conservative about their funds, are interested in obtaining stable and safe long-term revenue. Thus, they completely trust Argentinian meat as a national emblem and the possibility of selling its meat in the main markets all over the world.

With their investments, all members of the Club contribute to sustainable livestock production, allowing for the repopulation of fields and the relaunching of cattle production, prioritizing the productivity and quality of the animals, fundamental factors demanded today by the international markets.

Being a partner of the Livestock Investor Club is to participate in a new era of the Argentinian cattle production.


We invite you to join us.


Testimony: Omar González

Testimony:: Don Andrés Simón y Hugo Simón
Customers who join us from 69 years ago.